WordPress Tunbridge Wells #WPTW : Adam from RocketWP, January 2018

Adam from RocketWP:

“… has been in the IT industry for more than 25 years. Fist got into WordPress as I got annoyed having to pay a developer whenever I wanted the most minor of changes. I soon realised that running WordPress requires regular maintenance like any other IT system. The hosting companies I had used where just not that great at doing this, the more I looked at other sites the more I realised that sites where not up to date and vulnerable to all sorts of threats, I also found that site were only being optimised for SEO and not for speed. So I setup RocketWP – we don’t design, develop or build websites, we don’t do email we just want to make sites run as fast as they possible can.”


  • Fast DNS
  • Good host
  • PHP versions
  • HTTP/2
  • Gzip
  • Importance of keeping everything up to date
  • Use of quality themes / frameworks
  • Optimising images
  • Caching
  • CDN

Adam’s presentation:

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